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Our Clean Cotton Air Freshener and Candle

Indulgent Aromas and Superior Quality  with Lagniappe

At Lagniappe Candle Company, we work with quality ingredients and premium fragrance oil blends to create our scented candles, wax melts, air fresheners, room sprays, and bath bomb powders.

We take pride in offering high quality, semi-customizable products that not only smell amazing, but also elevate your personal space. Our team of experienced artisans work hard to ensure that every creation is made to perfection. All of our products are hand-made in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

Discover Our Scents

Taking care of yourself shouldn't feel like a chore, and that's why we created Lagniappe Candle Company. Our scents are designed to enhance your daily routine and transform your space into a serene oasis. Whether it's a quick pick-me-up or an all-out spa day, our products are the perfect accessory for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our selection of inviting scents can help set the perfect ambiance.

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Lagniappe Candle Company does a great deal of business within the wholesale industry. If you would like information related to becoming a wholesale partner, please submit your email below or send a more detailed message to:

Wholesale Requests



Gift Boxes & More

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who's hard to shop for? Look no further than a custom Lagniappe Candle Company gift box. Gift boxes are individually created, and priced based on the specific items of your choosing.


We are also looking into offering seasonal subscription boxes and a candle-of-the-month club.


Not sure what to get? Gift cards are also available.

Gift Box  Requests

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